Benefits of membership

Membership of Casas Espania Franchise enables you, as an independent estate agent to operate effectively under a well-established regional brand backed up by a full support package of marketing, technology, training and business support and advice.

As a member you can participate in a number of business activities without expending the time, effort and money to establish them yourself.

This leverage effectively enables you, as a franchise holder to compete with the larger corporate players on a level playing field, but still have the benefits of running your own independent business.

It is designed to enable you, the independent estate agent, to feel fully integrated into the established Casas Espania operation, but not so prescriptive as to constrain your natural entrepreneurial instincts

The Casas Espania Brand and Corporate Style

As a member you are entitled to use the Casas Espania brand in all representations of your business activities, but strictly in accordance with the Brand Manual. Members must agree that this is one of the key components of the system and that in this matter, the brand, its layouts, formats and Pantone colours are set out clearly in the Brand Manual and not open to interpretation. Any new promotional layouts or formats proposed are to be pre-approved before use. In reality, this is not onerous and a quick turnaround is achieved by e-mail.

The brand is long established in the region and fits well with the culture and character of the locations in which it is currently active and also plans to operate in the future.

Residential Sales

This is the core business activity of Casas Espania Franchise members and the focus for members’ time and attention, this is where your main income will come from. With our training you will learn how to list property at the right price, how to show that property to its best advantage and ultimately how to sell it to maximise your profit.

Other Business Activities and Revenue Streams

Participation in any of Casas Espania’s activities as an originator you will generate other income streams, for instance mortgages, and surveys, conveyancing, money transmission, NIE’s, power of attorneys, EPC certificates and Habitation certificates, etc. – These will all trigger introductory commissions which are not subject to a further franchise deduction.

Cost Control

Effective cost control is as important to business as sales and ancillary income generation.

Casas Espania Franchise enables you to take advantage of significant discounts procured by Casas Espania for our network. Although it is hard to be specific as to the precise value, members will be encouraged to check first with Casas Espania before buying any goods and services from an alternative third party. Participation is of course optional, but links to preferred suppliers will become available through the members’ website.

Casas Espania Franchise makes no mark-up and will, wherever possible, ensure that you, as one of its members get the same deal as our own network with all benefits passed on to you.


The Casas Espania Franchise has been designed to minimise prescriptive franchisee obligations allowing optimum freedom of movement. However, to ensure effective integration – and maximum exploitation of the Casas Espania applied technology, it is necessary to set standards for hardware, software, communications, firewalls, anti-virus which will apply to the entire Casas Espania network, both owned and franchised.

The upside is that franchisees have access to effective proven time-saving technology, solutions which combine maximum marketing benefits to customers with ease of use and minimum maintenance. Casas Espania believes franchisees would view this as a positive and major benefit rather than a restrictive IT regime.



Use of our state of the art website and back office will be offered to you, our member, at no cost however consequential third party costs arising from SEO, IT problem solving and upgrades are apportioned and charged as appropriate to franchisees with no extra costs added.

Casas Espania Franchise will set up, at no cost to you, a Landing Page for the members’ office onto the Casas Espania website and members’ can uploaded property directly, all properties will be carried on the website with the same prominence and reach.

In addition to owning our own website, Casas Espania subscribes to over 20 property portals, including, and A Place in the Sun – from which a number of smaller and local portals are populated automatically. This gives all Casas Espania branches a significant ‘edge’ over the competition and will provide you, our member with a constant supply of sales leads for your area once you have some property listings registered. Additional charges may apply to these sites, but at reduced Casas Espania corporate rates.

An independent agency outside Casas Espania Franchise would otherwise spend thousands of pounds developing its own website and would still need to interface them with software to pay for high SEO fees, and other individual portals´ fee.

Application Software

Our CRM includes a full calendar and email system, databases for contact management with buyers, sellers and Applicants, Management Information System, full data back-up service, and Casas Espania’s complete property database.

IT Training and Support

The Casas Espania integrated IT systems are designed to free-up staff to concentrate on the important business of working with customers. For this to be achieved effectively, the total IT support, is managed entirely in house.


Casas Espania operates a training programme addressing all aspects of professional and personal development. Members attend alongside colleagues from the network, encouraging integration and networking in all parts of Casas Espania.

Immediately following the completion of membership formalities, Casas Espania Members are assessed for training requirements based on their previous levels of experience and will be assigned appropriate training including Induction Training, Managing Buyers, Successful Listings, Successful Negotiation, and Statutory Competence.

Start-Up and Operations

Extensive advice and hand-holding throughout the entire start up. This is augmented by following an Implementation Programme which covers every aspect of office set-up including Budgets, funding and planning, recruitment of key staff, integration onto Casas Espania technology and systems, office design, signage and refurbishment, pre-launch marketing campaign and initial launch.

Each start-up will be unique and the programme is tailored to meet individual needs:

Members work closely with Casas Espania Franchise to establish the new operation.

Office profiling may be organised in conjunction with approved Casas Espania contractors. This optional service – separate from the main franchise agreement – enables members to sub-contract the profiling of their new office to experienced approved contractors – both quicker and cheaper and frees up the member to concentrate on recruitment and pre-launch marketing etc. Quotations are likely to vary according to the individual circumstances of the office.

Credit Control

Casas Espania will agree to assist members in the pursuit of bad debts, if you don’t get paid then neither do we.

Annual Business Review and Quarterly Sales Review Meetings

Members are encouraged to take advantage of the business review meetings between principal and member; these may be more frequent during the implementation and start-up phases. They are intended as mentoring and counselling to ensure planned progress is maintained.

Networking and Referrals

Referrals are at the centre of successful estate agency operations in Spain – commission sharing is practiced a by all agents and members need to understand clearly how this must work in practice.

Members are encouraged to become integrated with the network which means they are able to refer – and have referred to them – both applicants and vendors with a view to structured commission sharing. In particular buyers.

Networking Events

Casas Espania will, from time to time, promote networking events for the entire Casas Espania office network in which all Casas Espania Franchise members are eligible to participate.


Professional Indemnity Insurance, €1 million cover per office is mandatory. Full compliance with European data protection laws (GDPR) as well as complying with any additional Spanish requirements.