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Spain Receives Record 60.6 Million Tourists in 2013

Spain Receives Record 60.6 Million Tourists in 2013

27 January 2014

Published 27 January 2014 by

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the 7th Exceltur Tourism Leadership Forum, the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, announced that the number of tourists who visited Spain in 2013 amounted to 60.6 million, representing a 5.6% increase over the previous year and represents a record for Spain.

Rajoy explained that, with the 2013 data, which he stressed has been the best in the country’s history, Spain has regained third position in the list of countries for numbers of tourists received, beating China and standing behind only France (83 million tourists received) and the United States (67 million).

After highlighting that the barrier of 60 million tourists has been surpassed for the first time (the previous record was 58.7 million recorded in 2007), Rajoy pointed out that Spain had broken another record in 2013 that was considered very important, which was the relative spending by international tourists. In the period from January to November alone, spending had reached 55,896 million euros, which is almost nine points above the total figure for 2012.

According to Diario Sur, Rajoy stated that virtually all regions received record numbers of visitors last year, and also stressed that the figures have increased not only in tourists from traditional markets like the UK, but also in tourists from other newer markets such as Russia. The number of tourists from the UK visiting Spain in 2013 increased by 5.2% over 2012, to reach 14.3 million visitors, while the number of Russian tourists increased by 31.6% to 1.5 million.

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