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Home Selling Tips During the Christmas Holidays

Home Selling Tips During the Christmas Holidays

12 December 2013

Highlighting your home’s strong points to a potential buyer is important to making sure that it sells quickly. People looking to buy a new home will be looking for particular things in every room, and it can be difficult to please everyone. This is the time of year when a beautifully decorated home opens the flood gates of nostalgia and holds up the house as a promise of a succesful and happy home.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly; add a bit of mistletoe, a tastefully decorated Christmas Tree, and the Christmassy smells of homemade mince pie, and you could be on your way to selling your house before the holidays are over.

There is one room in the home that can make or break a sale and that is the kitchen. The kitchen is the centre and heart of everyone’s household. Having a warm, bright and inviting (and somewhat modern) kitchen, especially at this time of the year, is not only the perfect time to show your off at its finest but can speed up the sale of your home dramatically,

Here are some basic tips to stage your kitchen

1. Keep it functional

People looking to buy a new home want to see a kitchen that is ready and waiting for their family, so you will want to make sure that everything functions as it should by keeping drawers workable and smooth, fixing those floor tiles, and so on. No one wants to fix a problem the day they move in.

2. Focus on the details

Not everyone is going to be able to run out and buy brand new appliances, granite counter tops, etc, when they stage their house. But what you can do is add a fresh coat of paint, some new hardware on the drawers and doors, and perhaps some new lighting fixtures. You will be surprised at how much the little things help to sell your house.

3. Tidy Up

During the selling process you are going to want to keep your kitchen clean, uncluttered and move-in ready. Homebuyers are going to be looking for things that stick out to them, and too much stuff on the counter, an inordinate amount of magnets or pictures on the fridge, and old sink rags or sponges lying around will not help your cause. The more organized the space is, the more potential buyers will see, and the quicker your house sell.

So, this Christmas, show your house as a home for someone else, and help them fall in love. It is all part of the magic of Christmas.

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