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Festitíteres, Alicante dangling from a string

Festitíteres, Alicante dangling from a string

27 November 2013

Puppet shows have fascinated audiences the world over, and Alicante is no exception. Proof of this is the fact that since 1984, the capital of the Costa Blanca has host the International Puppet Festival, better known as Festitíteres. Fifteen troupes will participate in this 26th edition. From Saturday 30 November to Sunday 8 December, come along and see the puppets performing in Alicante!

This year’s programme includes the participation of fifteen groups, six of them foreign and nine of them Spanish. The foreign groups are from France, Belgium, Argentina, Iran and Kenya. The Spanish groups are from the Valencia Region, La Rioja, Madrid, Catalonia, Castilla-León and Murcia.  

The artistic proposals cover a broad spectrum that ranges from traditional sock puppets or shadows to the most modern object theatre. The bulk of the programme will take place in the Centro Cultural Cigarreras, but other performances will also be held in spaces such as El Claustro, FNAC, Escuela de Idiomas and Canyada del Fenollar.

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